This keyboard grabbed my attention due to how compact is it while not lacking important keys (Arrow keys, F1-12, Del) like a 60% keyboard would, but I have a few questions: How's the latency? I've never used a Bluetooth keyboard, but my mouse supports both a 2.4 GHz dongle and Bluetooth and I can't really tell much of a difference.


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With optimised key travel and a low-profile angle that facilitate smooth and fast typing, this keyboard will help increase your productivity. I was really happy with the quality of this keyboard. I have a surface laptop and the keys feel the exact same so it's a smooth transition between keyboards in terms of the feel. 4.0 out of 5 stars Microsfot Designer Keyboard Compact - Nice to have but the regular Designer Keyboard its better.

Surface designer compact keyboard

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4,2. 15" Intel Core Microsoft Bluetooth Designer Compact Keyboard, Black, CZ&SK. Fri frakt. 1 158 kr.

The Designer Compact keyboard is an excellent Bluetooth keyboard with a contemporary design that looks good on any desk. If you're trying to live a minimalist lifestyle, this keyboard is an

Det finns påkostade detaljer såsom batteriluckor som hålls fast med hjälp av diskreta magneter. Surface Pro devices are great tablet computers that can also function like laptops. Simply attach a type cover (a special keyboard that can double as a screen cover) to the device and use it like you would a laptop. Here are some type covers we recommend to use with your Surface Pro. Microsoft Designer Compact キーボードには、流線型のデザイン、プレミアム仕上げ、低品質の入力エクスペリエンスが用意されています。 要件 セットアップするには、Windows 10 を実行し、Bluetooth 4.0 以降をサポートしている PC が必要になります。 The Designer Compact has 79 keys, slightly less than the 87 found on a standard TKL, and a gently modified layout.

The Microsoft Designer Compact Keyboard is slim and minimal. It connects with Bluetooth and can seamlessly switch between three devices. The battery life of the keyboard can reach up to two years

899 kr Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Desktop Mus- & tangentbordspaket / Trådlös. (6). 939 kr.

Surface designer compact keyboard

Designer compact or Surface Modern keyboard.
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It features the same design, keys, and low profile form factor so it goes with the Designer Compact keyboard very well. The keyboard itself is made of plastic, which I'm not entirely thrilled about.

I've been looking for a new keyboard since the one I own is frankly too loud (mechanical blue switch) and I wanted a wireless one. This keyboard grabbed my attention due to how compact is it while not lacking important keys (Arrow keys, F1-12, Del) like a 60% keyboard would, but I have a few questions: 2017-08-13 The Designer Compact is the epitome of a slim-fit keyboard, taking inspiration from the beautiful, stylish Apple Magic Keyboard. In fact, you may mistake the two keyboards due to their color 2020-10-01 Microsoft Designer Compact Keyboard The compact Microsoft Designer keyboard at $ 69.99 is the natural evolution of the quintessential desktop device. It's incredibly compact and slim, giving off that sleek minimalist vibe coveted in business spaces.
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Microsoft has launched a number of new accessories along with Surface Laptop Go. Microsoft Number Pad, Microsoft 4K Wireless Display Adapter, Microsoft Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse and Microsoft Designer Compact Keyboard are now available to buy at Microsoft store.

Whether it's Surface devices, Xbox consoles and games, keyboards, mice, or other genuine Microsoft products, Microsoft Store on eBay has what you're looking for  Microsoft Designer Compact Keyboard delivers optimized key travel and a built- in expressive input (emoji) key, plus a Screen snipping key to quickly capture,  Even with its minimalist design, this keyboard gives you a robust typing experience Desktop Keyboard and mouse set (English) - North American layout for Surface Bluetooth 4.0. Input Device. Keyboard. Connectivity Technology. Wire Microsoft Designer Compact Keyboard · Compact design saves desktop space and allows for close, comfortable mouse position. · Optimized key spacing and key  1 Oct 2020 The $70 Microsoft Designer Compact Keyboard is characterized as a “slim, narrow, and elegant keyboard optimized for modern productivity.” As  At a lightweight 504 grams and feeling very similar to my Surface Keyboard, for a Microsoft Designer Compact Keyboard delivers optimized key travel and a  Microsoft Designer Compact Keyboard를 구입하세요.

Optimized for exceptional comfort and a compact, space-friendly work area, Microsoft Designer Compact Keyboard features a smooth, elegant finish and low profile. It delivers optimized key travel and a built-in expressive input (emoji) key,⁴ plus a Screen snipping key to quickly capture, copy, paste, and share.

The most striking update is the Microsoft Designer Compact Keyboard, which features a narrow, slim, and elegant design with 2-year battery life. Se hela listan på Microsoft Designer Compact Keyboard gebruiken. Het Microsoft Designer compact-toetsenbord heeft een gestroomlijnd ontwerp, een uitzoom functie en een laag profiel, wat u kunt bereiken met een comfortabele type ervaring. Vereisten. Voor de configuratie hebt t u een pc nodig met Windows 10 en ondersteuning voor Bluetooth 4.0 of hoger. The Microsoft Designer Compact Keyboard is perfect for people who have a Surface device and want to use a traditional-style keyboard with it that is easy to travel with and comfortable to type on.

Buy a Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Desktop - keyboard and mouse set - QWERTY - US Keyboard and mouse set; wireless; Bluetooth 4.0; QWERTY; US ; black. 顧客評價(0). 如果您對本商品有什麽評論或經驗, 歡迎分享! 給予評價請先登錄 · 14天 退貨服務 港澳免運費 線上客戶服務 · Windows Office Surface Xbox Teams Bing.